TeraMetrix Shares Terahertz Advantages with the Conversion Industry

In April the TeraMetrix team attended the ICE 2019 (International Converting Exhibition) in Louisville, Kentucky. The conference provided an opportunity for our team to share the advantages of terahertz technology and what it could provide for conversion applications.

Conversion, as might be implied by the name, refers to the process of converting one product into another.  For example, coating adhesive on a piece of paper, extruding multi-layer plastics, extruding an adhesive foam onto a liner, applying a coating to a textile product, or laminating two materials together.  To control this process, it is often necessary to measure the thickness of each individual layer, or to measure the product density.  Terahertz has a unique advantage in that all measurements can be made with a single sensor.

In addition to the TeraMetrix booth that was manned by the team of Irl Duling and John Riccardi, three of our partner companies were also in attendance.  This allowed each of them to present our solution integrated into their platform, but if any tough technical questions came up, or any interest in seeing the sensor in operation, they could come to our booth and see a demonstration of our T-Gauge Sensor.

Overall the conference raised awareness to the unique measurement capabilities of pulsed terahertz sensors and allowed the TeraMetrix team, and its partners, to connect with individuals in the conversion industry.