Six-in-a-row-325x183As the saying goes in the optics industry:  “If you can’t test it, you can’t make it”.  We at Luna Optoelectronics realize that, which is why we’ve made sure that we can characterize every parameter of the products that we design and manufacture.  From optical testing to electrical, environmental, lifetime, and MIL-Standard, we make sure that you’re getting what you expect with every product we sell.

We utilize in-process testing at every critical point in our manufacturing and assembly process to ensure peak performance to the most demanding requirements.

Our capabilities include:

Optical testing

    • integration sphere for component area size up to 2 inches
    • laser scan surface defect detection
    • sun signature simulation
    • optical design validation

Electrical testing

Environmental testing

    • temperature cycling
    • life test

Mil-Std-750, Mil-Std-883

Custom testing