Photodiode technology is extremely useful in various liquid level sensing applications.  Optical monitoring of fluid levels has many distinct advantages, particularly because it allows the isolation of the sensing process from the actual material being monitored, and has no moving parts.

Liquid-level-sensor-325x215In industrial applications, the ability to keep the monitoring system isolated means that the sensor does not have to come in contact with harsh chemicals or fuels.  Mechanical systems are subject corrosion and wear from contact with chemicals, risking system failure and subsequent need for invasive removal and replacement of the level sensor.  Optical sensors can be placed outside the fluid vessel , and in the rare case of failure the sensor system can easily be replaced.

Similarly, optical level sensors are ideal for laboratory and pharmaceutical applications, as they pose no risk of contamination to highly sensitive instrumentation and analysis equipment.

Optical level sensors can be designed as simple high/low limit indicators, or linear arrays of photodiode detectors can be used to accurately measure liquid levels with precise electronic readouts.

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