Pulse-Oxi-325x233Luna Optoelectronics is a key supplier of optoelectronic technology for medical applications.  Our unparalleled capabilities in photodetection and LED illumination support both the performance and cost requirements demanded by the medical industry.

Luna Optoelectronics’ ability to integrate LED and Photodiode technology into compact, flexible circuitry enables new advancements in patient-wearable sensors such as pulse oximeters and skin radiation sensors.

Our precision manufacturing and assembly skills allow us to produce fully integrated illumination and detection subassemblies for instrumentation such as hematology and other blood analysis equipment

Eye-325x243We provide critical components for ophthalmic applications as well, including retinal imaging, lens characterization, and laser eye surgery.

We’re continually refining our technology to support the industry’s demand for smaller, lighter, more flexible, more user-friendly medical devices.

See how we can help you take your medical devices and instrumentation to the next level.