Luna Labs at Defense TechConnect Fall 2019 Summit and Expo

This week Luna is presenting on several technological advancements at the Fall 2019 Defense TechConnect Innovation Summit and Expo located in National Harbor, MD. Luna Labs, the Applied Research & Development division of Luna Innovations, is hosting five poster sessions on recent developments from the Health Sciences research group.


Poster Session on Wednesday, October 9, 2019, 3:00pm – 4:00pm (Expo Hall D-E)

A Sprayable Hydrogel to Prevent Postoperative Adhesion Formation

  • Costella, C. Tison, Luna Innovations, US

Flexible Nanofiber-Based Electrodes for Material Property-Matched Neural Interfacing

  • Remer, C. Tison, K. Yoshida, A. Joshi-Imre, L. Costella, Luna Innovations, US

Nanofiber-Reinforced Hydrogels for the Stabilization of Open Globe Injuries

  • Costella, L. Woodard, A. Eiseman, C. Tison, Luna Innovations, US

Bioinspired Polymeric Nanoparticles as Universal Antivenom

  • Xu, B. Brooks, Z. Zhou, C. Tison, Luna Innovations Inc, US

Development of Bioinformed Platform for Realistic Joint Reduction Training

  • Patterson, D. Remer, M. DeWitt, K. Virgilio, C. Tison, Luna Innovations, US


The Health Sciences research group is an interdisciplinary team comprising expertise in biomedical engineering, polymer and materials science and engineering, chemistry, biology, microbiology, molecular biology, wound healing and medical device design. Luna works closely with collaborators in academia, industry, and the government to think outside traditional paradigms to find innovative solutions for complex medical problems.


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