Luna Technologies’ Lightpath Analysis Software, in combination with our awarding-winning Optical Backscatter Reflectometer (OBR), is used to quickly and easily verify the physical-layer performance characteristics of fiber optic components, modules and cable assemblies.  Lightpath Analysis Software automates IL and RL testing and allows for rapid qualification of individual optical components and cables in production manufacturing and quality assurance environments.

Using Lightpath Analysis software, users set the qualifying parameter specifications for different components and save them for future access. Software features include:

  • ”Golden Trace” capture and compare
  • Automatic pass/fail visualization
  • Return loss qualification vs. length
  • Insertion loss qualification vs. length
  • Automatic event mapping

By comparing the saved parameter tolerances with measurements from Luna’s OBR, you can quickly verify where the device under test passes or fails its specified test.  In no time at all, you have a simple, push-button qualification of your optical components.


  • Easy-to-use configuration screen to establish measurement tolerances
  • Easily visible pass/fail verification
  • Increased inspection speed
  • Custom reporting to meet your specific needs
  • Set pass/fail tolerances for a variety of optical parameters
  • Simple qualification of optical components and sub-assemblies
  • Intuitive graphical interface – All key data and graphs in a simple, easy to use interface


The Lightpath Analysis Software offers significant advantages for optical component testing in the following categories:

  • Productivity
    The Lightpath Analysis Software improves your ability to quickly qualify your optical components.
  • Capital investment reduction
    When combined with the OBR, which provides comprehensive analysis in a single instrument, you eliminate the need for multiple, expensive instruments and software for complete analysis and verification.
  • Ease of use
    The Lightpath Analysis Software is simple to use, quick to configure, and can be easily integrated into your current OBR systems.

To learn more, see the Lightpath Data Sheet.