Luna’s Distributed Temperature and Strain Sensing Software, when combined with the Optical Backscatter Reflectometer™ (OBR), transforms your standard telecom-grade fiber into a high spatial-resolution strain and temperature sensor.

The OBR uses swept wavelength interferometry (SWI) to measure the Rayleigh backscatter as a function of length in optical fiber with high spatial resolution. An external stimulus (like a strain or temperature change) causes temporal and spectral shifts in the local Rayleigh backscatter pattern. The OBR measures these shifts and scales them to give a distributed temperature or strain measurement. The SWI approach enables robust and practical distributed temperature and strain measurements in optical fiber with sub-centimeter-scale spatial resolution up to 70 meters of fiber with strain and temperature resolution as fine as 1 µstrain and 0.1 °C.


  • Use standard telecom-grade fiber. No more expensive specialty fibers needed for measurements.
  • Highly distributed fiber sensing for strain and temperature
  • Very high spatial resolution: down to 2 mm
  • Measurement range up to 70 meters
  •  ± 0.1°C , ± 1µ strain resolution at 1 cm
  • High speed – five second acquisition times at high resolution


  • Find high operational temperatures that degrade lifetime or performance of components
  • Determine if strain induced during installation exceeds safe threshold
  • Look for long-term strain concentrations that threaten fiber integrity

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  ODiSI A The ODiSI A series is Luna’s state-of -the- art instrument for measuring distributed temperature and strain, using optical fiber as the sensor ODiSI A Data Sheet
ODiSI B The ODiSI B offers an industry-leading combination of measurement, speed, range and repeatability with extraordinary spatial resolution. ODiSI B Data Sheet
OBR 4600 The OBR 4600 is a high-resolution reflectometer designed for component and short-run network testing and troubleshooting with an option for integrated temperature and strain sensing. OBR 4600 Data Sheet