Luna is developing new uniform textiles with superhydrophobic and superoleophobic properties.  These materials will resist fouling by water or oil based fluids possess a high level of chemical protection, and decreasing the logistical burden of laundering in the field.

  • Current chemical / biological warfare agent (CBWA) protective clothing have difficulties with weight (e.g. activated carbon) or poor breathability (e.g. butyl rubber)
  • Logistic burden is high to provide soldiers with cleaning/washing facility in the field
  • Performance and durability of superhydrophobic / superoleophobic coating upon repeated flexing and abrasion is critical and depends on the coating material and application technique
  • There is no commercially available solution to impart fluid resistance to fabrics that are compatible with ACU, FR-ACU, JSLIST overgarment, and other DOD currently fielded uniforms

Luna utilizes an extremely low surface energy nanostructured textile coating to generate superhydrophobicity / superoleophobicity.  Inspired by nature, Luna’s fluid resistant coatings with dual-size surface structures is based on hierarchical particles composed of commercially available materials and simple chemistry.  The benefits for self cleaning surfaces with Luna’s technology include compatibility with other fabric treatments, easy application and scale-up, breathable, lightweight, and durable under harsh conditions.

Luna’s rapid, non-thermally cured materials technology has distinct advantages in the following areas:

  • Dual-size surface morphology of the coating developed is inspired by lotus leaf
  • Army fabrics were treated with Luna’s durable superhydrophobic / oleophobic coatings possessing structured surface morphology
  •  Demonstrated repellency against water / oil, durability, breathability, and maintained fabric mechanical strength
  • Material properties:
    • Stain resistance – repels water and oil
    • Cross platform – coating is able to treat cotton, polyester, nylon, Nomex, etc.
    • Durable – maintains properties after >10X washings
    • Maintains properties after flexural testing (Gelbo flex 2000x) and heavy abrasion (Taber)
    • Maintains permeability of original fabric for high breathability for comfort and reducing heat exhaustion

>> Read about Luna’s agreement granting UltraTech International Incorporated an exclusive license to commercialize this textile repellent technology.

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Polyester fiber with hydrophobic / oleophobic surface treatment
Fluids bead up without wetting surface