Trimetasphere® electron acceptors for bulk heterojunction OPV

Our Trimetasphere® (TMS) nanomaterial-based acceptors offer a tunable pathway that enables organic solar cell performance optimization through superior matching of donor/acceptor energy levels in the active layer and improved red-shift absorption compared to common acceptors based on C60 and C70 fullerenes. A better matching of polymer donor and Trimetasphere® acceptor molecular orbitals reduces the energy loss during the electron transfer due to the large energy offset between their lowest unoccupied molecular orbitals (LUMO), and improve the photovoltage of the device (Voc). Improved ordering of polymer donors and customized Trimetasphere® acceptors through innovative new side groups enhances the charge carrier mobility in the active layer and thereby enhance the photocurrent and fill factor of OPV devices.

We have developed proprietary functionalization chemistry to synthesize Trimetasphere derivatives with novel side groups that have been shown to improve solubility, compatibility and morphology in OPV BHJ devices. 

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