Postoperative adhesions are unnatural bands that form when adjacent tissues heal to each other following surgery.  Postoperative adhesions occur 55-100% of the time, depending on the type of surgery, and are an “expected outcome” in abdominal surgeries giving rise to such complications as small bowel obstruction, female infertility, complicated subsequent surgeries and chronic debilitating pain

 Luna is working to develop advanced surgical barrier films that are low-cost and simply and efficiently fabricated from naturally occurring and abundant materials.  No recombinant methods or complicated bio-processing is necessary.  Our barrier films are non-toxic and enzymatically degradable while being stable in water.  Degradation rates can be tailored by altering composition or other synthetic parameters.  Luna’s barrier films will require no suturing to remain in place, will not be susceptible to migration even when saturated with blood or peritoneal fluid and can be repositioned without tearing. 

Surgical film sample
Surgical film applied during animal studies.