Hemorrhage remains the leading cause of death from battlefield trauma.  Approximately 80% of hemorrhagic deaths on the battlefield are attributed to noncompressible intracavitary hemorrhage.  Traditional and developmental methods for first responders to control hemorrhage are only useful for extremity or superficial truncal injuries.  Consequently, the only current viable treatment for intracavitary hemorrhage is surgical intervention.

Luna is developing hemostatic agents for difficult surgical and noncompressible traumatic hemorrhage.  Luna’s hemostatic agents are low-cost, naturally occurring materials that are abundant and biologic-free.  The agents consist of low viscosity solutions that are delivered using a custom applicators.  The solutions rapidly form blood and tissue compatible, non-toxic, bio-adhesive and biodegradable gels.  The gels will adhere to and seal injured tissue while promoting hemostasis via several simultaneous mechanisms.  Alterations in composition and additives allow Luna’s system to be tailored for specific applications.  Luna’s intracavitary hemostatic agents are currently in preliminary animal testing.