terahertz_precisionThe T-Gauge® Sensor is the world’s first terahertz sensor for online process control, quality control, and non-destructive testing. The T-Gauge® Sensor provides an alternative to legacy technologies that require excessive regulation and control. Unlike x-rays the T-Gauge® does not emit ionizing radiation and unlike nuclear gauges is not radioactive. Terahertz energy will penetrate opaque materials, allowing measurements to be performed on any non-conductive material.

Measurement Performance

Range Tolerance: 5 cm
Measurement Rate: 100 or 1000 per second
Basis Weight Range: 10 to 10000+ gsm (2.5 to 2500+ #/ream)
BW Precision: ± 1 gsm (2σ)
Caliper Range: 25 to 15000+ μm (1 to 600+ mils)
Caliper Precision: ± 2 μm (2σ)
% Moisture Range: 2.5% to >>50%
% Moisture Precision: > ± 0.1% (2σ)
Measurement Footprint: 3 mm2
CD Streak Resolution: 2mm @ 200 mm/sec