PackagingThe best detector and illumination technology in the world doesn’t provide full benefit unless it also addresses the intended Fit, Form, and Function of the application.  That’s why Luna Optoelectronic specializes in creating innovative packaging designs that take into account the end use of the product.  Need an LED/Detector optoelectronic subassembly on a flexible platform for a patient-wearable pulse oximeter?  No problem.  How about a lightweight, ruggedized detector array for use in a military sensor suite?  We’ve got you covered.

We want to make sure that your product functions as you envision it to work.  We’ll work with you to come up with an optimized packaging solution that meets your design objectives.

Our capabilities include:

Variety of standard packages available

    • TO-18
    • TO-46
    • TO-5
    • TO-8

Custom package design including

    • Ceramic substrate
    • PCB
    • Flex circuits
    • Optical filters
    • Custom windows
    • Scintillation crystals

molded housing (3)Components Design & Fabrication

Chip-On-Board Assembly

    • plastic shell encapsulation
    • liquid encapsulation
    • over molding encapsulation

Hybrid on ceramic

    • Thick film technology
    • Thin film technology
    • photo-imageable technology

Lead-Frame, lead cutting & bending

    • molded encapsulation housing
    • for C.O.B. True hole
    • for FR4 true hole