Luna Optoelectronics has extensive capabilities in the design, manufacture, and assembly of custom optoelectronic subsystems.  By utilizing our skills in:

  • Optical analysis
  • Detector design
  • Optomechanical design
  • Optoelectronic design
  • Circuit design

We can create efficient, elegantly packaged modules that fully meet the fit, form and function requirements of your application.  Our design team has years of experience in creating optimized system solutions for industrial, medical, and military applications.


We manufacture photodiodes and photocells using a number of materials including Si, InGaAs, extended InGaAs and CdS.





Opto_LEDAdvanced Photonix’s high-quality LED’s and LED-based illumination systems are perfect for many applications.  Output, reliability, and wavelength optimization are core elements of API’s LED illumination technology.





Luna Optoelectronics optocouplers are ideally suited for high performance audio circuits. Most “design-ins” have demonstrated proven performance benefits over silicon based audio control devices such as VCAs and FETs.