Guided-Missle-325x270Luna Optoelectronics has integrated its photodiode detector technology into some of the world’s most prevalent guided missile systems.  Our extensive design and manufacturing capabilities allow us to create ultra-sensitive, high-performance and robust sensor modules that meet the demanding requirements of today’s optically-guided missiles.

We fully understand the critical aspects of defense applications, including size, weight, performance and durability, and we know what it takes to build a detector subsystem that works all the time, every time.

Below is an example of how we enabled a key customer to maximize the performance and reliability of its production volume guided missile:

A leading guided missile systems manufacturer relies on us for critical components used in the world’s most modern ship self-defense weapon.   Luna Optoelectronics supplies an optocoupler for the guidance module and an optical detector assembly for the laser-based proximity fuse.  We have been successfully producing these subassemblies for over 20 years.

Recently, a critical material component of the detector became obsolete.  On their own initiative, the Luna Optoelectronics engineering and detector fabrication teams leveraged over 25 years of detector fabrication experience and led the effort to identify and test a number of possible alternatives, finally settling on a new approach that exceeded the customers specified performance criteria.  We proposed an innovative solution and received customer approval to implement a new and proprietary design improvement to the detector architecture.

The new design incorporating both features is now in full production with improved detector performance in several key areas.