We provide diagnostic and test instrumentation for the telecommunications industry, enabling complete characterization of optical components, assemblies, and short-haul networks.  Our solutions provide substantial cost and time savings in development, production and maintenance of next generation optical network equipment. Our instruments provide the most comprehensive, sensitive and accurate component test available on the market today. 


Server room in datacenterThe OBR family support growth in data centers 

The number and size of data centers are growing driven by continued expansion in mobile applications and cloud computing.  This is placing increasing pressure on speed and bandwidth.  Data centers, with their huge number of fiber runs, account for the majority of bottlenecks in data transmission.  Luna’s OBR product line using OFDR technology has NO deadzone and is the industry’s most precise instrument for characterizing, optimizing and troubleshooting data center fiber optic networks.

Financial Exchange

shutterstock_258183602OBR 4600 – when a nanosecond can be worth millions

No where is the need for speed more critical than in data centers serving the financial exchanges.  Trades need to be fast, but also compliant with regulatory agencies.  Trading firms achieve maximum speed by minimizing the distance of fiber runs, even to the point of co-locating servers inside exchanges.  The OBR 4600 is the most accurate product on the market for measuring the distance of fiber runs.  An OBR 4600 can measure the length of a fiber optic cable up to 2 kilometers with accuracy of less than one centimeter.

Silicon Photonics

Silicon waferThe OVA 5000 for research and development

Silicon photonics is a research area focused on integrating photonics onto a silicon wafer. This technology offers the dual benefit of increased performance of traditional integrated circuits plus leveraging the form factor and manufacturing scale of the electronics industry.  The OVA 5000 is a highly capable product designed to support advanced development of photonics devices.  The OVA 5000 is currently being used in the field of silicon photonics in multiple areas and in particular the refinement of silicon waveguides and in understanding the polarization characteristics of devices and circuits.