hybrid_assemblyPicometrix’s standard hybrid photodetectors are devices in which both a detector and transimpedance amplifier are mounted together on a common substrate, within a hermetic package. Hybrid devices offer numerous practical and performance benefits, particularly for OEM system designers.

From a mechanical point of view, hybrids are more compact than an equivalent detector system built from discrete components, so they lend themselves to system miniaturization. They are also more rugged than discrete component systems, resulting directly in a more reliable end product. Electronically, utilizing a hybrid device can enable cleaner amplification of low signal levels by eliminating outside electronic noise from the signal path. This leads to improved signal-to-noise ratio. Hermetic packaging also eliminates possible high resistance shorts due to moisture formation on amplifier circuit boards.

Hybrid devices represent an excellent option for designers of military and aerospace systems. Here they offer superior reliability, since the entire assembly is qualified as a unit, rather than as discrete components.