Sensing & Instrumentation


Advanced, high performance sensors and measurement technologies for extreme environments to improve safety, reliability, and operating cost.

  • Fiber-optic based distributed sensing
    • Long distance shape sensing
    • Distributed strain and thermal sensing
  • Optical stand-off
    • Remote, non-contact structural health and chem-bio detection
  • Electrical based sensing elements
  • Wired and wireless sensor networks
    • Ultralow low power wireless sensor network platform
      • Aircraft corrosion monitoring
      • Infrastructure health monitoring
      • Industrial plant monitoring
      • Alloy sensitization
      • Ship and storage tank coating health monitoring
    • Atmospheric corrosion monitoring system
    • Rapidly deployable industrial process monitoring system
    • Battery monitoring system
    • Lubrication monitoring systems
  • Embedded diagnostic and prognostic modeling
  •  Nondestructive testing and evaluation
    • Ultrasonic inspection of composite and alloy casings and tanks
    • Residual stress measurements