Fiber Optic Shape Sensing

Luna’s exclusive shape sensing technology can track the position (location) of an optical fiber along its entire length. This “smart fiber” is minimally intrusive, virtually weightless, and can be used to monitor the dynamic 3D shape of a structure to which it conforms. It can also be embedded or attached to a surface to monitor the dynamic 3D shape independent of temperature or load from the environment.

Unique Benefits of Our Approach

  • High-resolution shape measurements in real time
    • Measures the shape of a <200 micron diameter optical fiber sensor at every point along the sensor
  • Greater than 500 Hz 3D angular measurement in multiple locations (fiber optic encoder)
  • Highly accurate measurements of twist and bend at every point along the sensor
  • Measurements of highly complex shapes

Demonstration Videos

Shape Sensing

Fiber Optic Shape & Position Sensing

Testimonials and Related Documents

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