Luna offers a range of high definition fiber optic sensing (HD-FOS) products designed for use across multiple markets and applications. Whatever your application, Luna offers a product ideally suited for your needs. 


The ODiSI 6000 Series sensing platform can integrate into larger test management platforms collecting both strain and temperature data during critical tests. The ODiSI’s large strain range and high resolution allow for mapping of complex strain fields and large strain gradients. Flexible, lightweight and easy to install fiber optic sensors reduce time to first measurement and go where other sensors cannot – in bends, around corners and embedded inside materials.


OBR 4600


The OBR 4600 is a reflectometer offering unprecedented capabilities in characterizing fiber optic networks.  The extended range option adds the functionality of strain and temperature sensing with a sensing length of up to 2 kilometers. 



FOS 008 & 036


We offer 8 and 36 channel fiber optic switches.  A fiber optic switch can convert any of the single channel HD-FOS systems into a multichannel test system





A key advantage of HD-FOS over fiber Bragg grating based systems is the ability to use sensors constructed from standard unaltered fiber cable.  This offers users sensors at lower cost which is a big advantage in applications where sensors are consumable.  additionally, the gage itself, both length and spacing, is determined through software and is configurable by the user.  This offers unprecedented flexibility when instrumenting test articles.