We’re organized into two main business segments; Products and Licensing and Technology Development, which work closely together to turn ideas into products.

Products & Licensing Segments

Fiber Optic Sensing

Our high-definition fiber optic sensing (HD-FOS) technology allows engineers to test, modify and qualify their designs; efficiently, effectively, and accurately. It provides many of the advantages of fiber optic systems and distinguishes itself by virtue of high spatial resolution.

Fiber Optic Test & Measurement

We provide diagnostic and test instrumentation that enables the complete characterization of optical components, assemblies and short-haul networks; providing substantial cost and time savings in the development, production, and maintenance of optical network equipment.

High Speed Optical Components

We develop and manufacture high speed optical components that offer higher bandwidth, enhanced sensitivity and improved performance at extreme temperatures for the rapidly growing markets of 100G Transport, Metro, Datacenter, Enterprise/Access; and 2.5G Fiber-to-Home.


We develop and manufacture disruptive sensing technologies for manufacturing applications; providing industrial systems for process control, non-destructive testing, and security applications. Our systems measure the physical properties of optically opaque materials.


We solve complex optoelectronic challenges by designing and manufacturing fully integrated photonic solutions across a wide range of industries; including aerospace, medical, defense and test & measurement.


Technology Development Segment

Applied Research

We are a technology resource for everything from aerospace and automotive to telecommunications and defense. Our scientists and engineers identify problems, generate solutions, and develop technologies with real-world market potential.