We work with contract manufacturers, suppliers, licensees and distributors to develop everything from small-scale prototypes up to and including market-ready products.

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We work with contract manufacturers, suppliers, licensees and distributors to develop everything from small-scale prototypes up to and including market-ready products.

One of Luna’s greatest attributes and competitive advantages is our diversity of technology and talent. We can evaluate and address problems from a wide range of perspectives and are not limited to one or two basic technologies. Because of our diverse organization, and the experience we have gained building it, we can first determine the ideal solution to a particular challenge, prove its feasibility, work with key stakeholders to apply it as a practical solution, and then create the team to commercialize it.

In 2011 Luna responded to a Department of Defense solicitation seeking a product that would enable realistic training of military first responders in the use of new and advanced hemostatic products that cause rapid clotting of blood.  Training in the use of life-saving hemostatic bandages often involves little more than a computer-based certification course or a brief lecture with a few slides. True proficiency in wound packing and hemorrhage control requires more realistic, scenario-based training. In order to provide access to realistic training for first responders, the military, and medical professionals Luna created a simulated blood with dynamic clotting characteristics. 

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Luna began previewing TrueClot Blood Simulant at EMS and military medical trade shows long before the first gallon was sold.  The goal at that time was to solicit feedback from real world users of advanced hemostatic dressings, such as QuikClot®.  Did the blood simulant look and clot like real blood when packed with TrueClot Simulated Hemostatic Gauze? Did the “feel” of the blood simulant accurately mimic the slippery yet sticky characteristics of human blood? How important was the ability to remove blood simulant stains from clothes?  Feedback led to improvements in the product that made it more attractive to the end users. 

image2017-2-6 14-39-59 In order to demonstrate the clotting action of the blood when it came into contact with simulated hemostatic gauze, Luna created a small table-top wound packing task trainer.  The simple design was portable, easy to clean, and affordable, so it was perfect for trade-shows and demonstrations.  The design features also resonated with the first-responder community and others who could not afford to purchase and maintain high fidelity human patient simulators and instead were looking for an easier and less expensive way to train their first responders on proper wound packing techniques.  Based on customer input, the simulated wounds were adjusted to give a more realistic training experience as Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), Pre-hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) and Tactical Emergency Medical Care (TECC) began to make their way into civilian trauma training.  One Fire & Rescue Academy has estimated that they have used an individual Luna TrueClot Task Trainer more than 10,000 times.

By 2013 TrueClot products had been shown at national trade shows around the country and direct sales started in late 2013.  We continued to work with early adopters and in 2014 Fairfax Country, VA trained 1500 of their EMS providers using TrueClot products. A growing list of police, fire & rescue, border patrol and other units have since added TrueClot products to their training and all report excellent results. In order to expand availability of TrueClot to more customers, a distributor network was started in 2014.  TrueClot products are now available domestically and internationally through our great network of distributors, and continues to be available directly.  We have scaled up manufacturing to meet growing demand and work with a series of supply chain partners to keep products in stock and ready to ship.

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