We discover and create innovative material technology and advance those technologies to commercial solutions.

Protective Coatings and Surface Treatments

Protective Coatings and Surface TreatmentsLuna is at the forefront of new protective coatings and surface treatments through the use of advanced resins, nanomaterials, composites, additives and pretreatment techniques. We are developing systems for a wide range of substrate materials with our technologies providing functionalities such as high flexibility, rain erosion protection,hydrophobicity, oleophobicity, self-healing, abrasion resistance, corrosion protection, and anti-icing.


  • Rain Repellent Coatings
  • Self-Healing Coatings
  • Hydrophobic Coatings
  • Tire Coatings
  • Flexible Aerospace Coatings
  • Coating Additives


Electromagnetics, Adhesives, Sealants, and Elastomers

Electromagnetics, Adhesives, Sealants, ElastomersLuna has extensive experience in adhesives, sealants, elastomers, and both electromagnetic devices and coatings for commercial and military aerospace applications. Our technologies and development efforts provide unique solutions to aerospace applications while enabling cost savings associated with lowered overall maintenance, higher operational readiness, and increased reliability.


  • Conductive Adhesives
  • Charge-Dissipating Coatings




Composite Systems

image2016-11-15 13-54-21Polymer and inorganic reinforced composite materials are at the forefront of today’s technology for high performance aerospace and structural applications. Luna has developed a number of process and material solutions for the fabrication of advanced composite materials for current and future aerospace platforms as well as ground structures.


  • MDA fast cookoff
  • Composite repair
  • High strain
  • NASA Ablative
  • O-Ring (HOS)
  • NASA Concrete (this one is a slightly weaker fit)




TextilesModern textiles such as knit, woven and non-woven fabrics find uses as garments, shelters, reinforcements and medical applications. Luna is a leader in cutting edge textile finishes, treatment processes and development of new fiber microstructures for the next generation of functional fabrics.


  • Parachute
  • DHS uniform
  • USDA Spacer
  • NASA Spacesuit
  • Self Decon Textile
  • FR Textile
  • Evershield



NanomaterialsNanomaterials have a wide variety of applications including biomedical R&D, composites, and energy storage. Luna is engaged in the production of nanoscaled materials such as carbon nanotubes, nanosheets like graphene, and carbon cage materials like fullerenes and Luna’s unique Trimetaspheres. Our nanomanufacturing facility has successfully designed, fabricated, and automated reactors for more continuous production of carbon nanomaterials. Luna also develops plasmonic nanometals (light absorbers, photothermal), quantum dots (fluorescence), magnetic nanoparticles, and bioinspired polymer nanoparticles.


  • Nanostructured carbons
  • Plasmonic nanoparticles
  • Magnetic nanoparticles

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