Who we are

We’re a leader in optical technology, providing unique capabilities in high speed optics and high performance fiber optic test products for the aerospace, automotive, energy, defense, and telecommunications industries.

A key growth area is high speed optical components; offering higher bandwidth, enhanced sensitivity and improved performance at extreme temperatures for the rapidly growing markets of 100G Transport, Metro, Datacenter, Enterprise/Access, and 2.5G Fiber-to-the-Home.

Another key growth platform is Fiber Optic Sensing, providing high resolution measurement of strain in composite materials and structures, while enabling greatly reduced test time, complexity, and expense of instrumentation.


Our history

Luna Innovations Incorporated (NASDAQ: LUNA) was founded in 1990. We are composed of a diverse team of scientists, engineers, and business professionals developing and manufacturing a new generation of technologies and products; and have been successful in taking innovative technologies from the applied research stage to product development and ultimately to the commercial market.

On May 8, 2015 we merged with Advanced Photonix, Inc. (API). Joining forces, the combined company has a strengthened position in optical technology and is leveraging both companies’ capabilities to grow shareholder value.

Following our merger with Advanced Photonix, Inc. (API), we now also package optoelectronic semiconductors into high-speed optical receivers (HSOR products), custom optoelectronic subsystems (Optoelectronics products) and Terahertz (THz) instrumentation.